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Beautiful Klein/Moyen Miniatures & Smaller Standard Poodles..


Also  Borzoi; Russian Wolfhounds, who have been successful Livestock Gaurds...


European pedigrees, Therapy and Service Dog Prospects


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All the pups shown on this page now have homes, but I am leaving them up for you to look at.

We will have new puppies born Spring/Summer by the Russian Moyen Tazzar, also by Sparks and by his son Gideon... also to make it easier for some folks,

I am willing to sell to you a companion puppy for a $1,000.00 down along with a promised   pay schedule...

Companion male pups are still $2,200.00 and Companion female pups $2,500.00..... you will also need

to pay your shipping costs prior to getting your precious Redhead.

If you are looking for a Breeding Male that will sire smaller Standards or Larger Miniatures, write asking how to send Deposit in order to be on Waiting List for Puppies by Tazzar,  Spring/Summer 2014... and by the two Red German/Finnish Males Sparks and Gideon..

....Email  to reserve ...   [email protected]   Please give your name where you live, your prior dog experience, what you wish to do with your poodles so I will know if I have a match for you...Also your phone number and best time to call...

I require a $500.00 deposit to go on the Waiting List...Pick of Puppy will go by order of your Deposit...*** I want real commitment***...  Please do not write to me, until you have your Family/Spouse/Partner in agreement on Purchasing a Top "Quality" Red Poodle from Adonai, your time and mine is wasted if you are not yet Ready to Send a Deposit...  I will give time to those who are Ready...answer questions, send pictures...etc..    Your Deposit continues to Roll over until a Matching Puppy to Your Wishes is born...   If some Crisis should arise in your life and you need to wait before proceeding to bring the Puppy into your life that is Okay... your Deposit is still good..... But if you decide after sending me a Deposit that you made a mistake, you have found another breeder who you decide their pups are more worthy...  I do not refund monies... your Deposit will be considered a Donation towards my Service Pups that I place with a needy family or individual who do not have the funds to purchase a Service Dog....but who's life will be greatly Blessed by having an Adonai Service Pup donated to them...
To Recap.... only contact me when you are Ready to send a Deposit...your deposit will remain with me until a Matching Poodle Pup comes forward... NO REFUNDS...

At 5 days old before the Ribbons

Only female, she will be a Show/breeding Prospect, very short backed, and tailed..very dark pigment. NICE!!!  Amber owned by Cathie's nephew Clint Pigeau of Alberta Canada.

The Show Girl at 25 days of age... Amber owned by Clint Pigeau. 

The four brothers... These puppies all looked very promising. All have homes now.



  Puppies are five days old in this picture.

Female pink ribbon now owned by Clint Pigeau.... smallest male second on right SOLD  show home Alberta Canada..Thank you  Ruth and Klausse. Blue ribbon male sold to Show home in California, thank you Elizabeth!!!, True Blue is a Crazy Retriever..  green ribbon sold 

Male with Blue ribbon sold to Show Home.... ADONAI NO HIGHER TRUTH   call name True



Blue Ribbon Male again at 7 weeks... SOLD TO SHOW HOME  in California

Purple Ribbon, Whoopi  sold.... she went to a Indiana now called Adonai Zoey on Course



This Handsome Boy is Sold   2,200.00 as pet... 3,000.00 with full AKC papers

Here he is again at 7 weeks o age... very Handsome, tallest, loves people... eager to be with you...Athletic... was vocal when younger,

now nice and calm while with you...does well in his Crate at night in my bedroom, house training well started, travels well in Suburban;

Great Puppy, darkest RED, I call him BigBoy... SOLD!!!!


Sam is going to a Wonderful Show Home in Alberta, to new owners  Ruth and Klausse 

Sam, such a Handsome Boy!  Sold







Hello, though often folks think that a female is more loyal as a companion, that is not true...each poodle is an individual just as us humans are...though each of us may be similiar to someone else on the it is with our poodles.  Mike and I  have the first  poodle puppies born on March 4th 2012 and second litter born on March 17th; in  Shades of  Red.  Our pups will be very athletic, and just like our 2011 pups, they will yearn to be close to a human owner or family. These puppies will make awesome agility or obedience or even SHOW prospects. Even if one of them goes to just a Companion home, they will turn many heads, in admiration of their growing beauty...our Adonai pups are very stricking with very dark pigment on noses and around the eyes...they look like eyeliner has been applied..True Beauties!!!..  Plus, our poodle pups are smart, we continue to do early Early Neurological Stimulation excercises  slightly modified for our poodle pups, I run a Qtip and small clipper over their faces, and around their tail too, because of their lifelong need to love being clipped during grooming.

 Last year we learned that intelligence can be increased with adding  a high in DHA diet to mothers prior and post whelping; and to continue to feed the high quality FishOil which is Human Grade called Sealogix through Life's Abundance

 to the growing puppies, and we want their new owners to continue to do this.  The puppy's brain will continue to grow along with his body....and we all know that Fish Oil has many health benefits.  The Sealogix, I use is in Liquid form, I keep it refrigerated, so it remains fresh.   My females also recieve two meals a day that are raw, farm fresh organic eggs (our own hens) Zio Greek Cream Yogart, and add a Natural Earth Suppliment (high in Silica) I add as well to this  Nutritional product with Transfer Factor that boosts, and educates the immune system  I can explain all this further via phone call.

Here is a great article that explains why this diet will cause you to have a Brainier Pup

The puppies will have a two way Parvo and Distemper Vaccination, ten days prior to leaving... we do not suggest vaccinations after a year of age, but recommend a health exam and titres done instead of yearly boosters.

Most of our pups will be considered Breed and Show Quality and could be purchased with full breeding rights.  These pups can be shipped by Air to most destinations in the USA.  If you live in Canada you will have to be willing to travel to an Airport at Vancouver, BC or drive across the US border and connect with your puppy at the Largest Airport in the connecting US State. No flights into Alberta at the moment.  We are located less than two hours south of the Eureka Montana / Alberta Border Crossing. So approximately 6 hours south of Calgary, AB. 

The quality of the litter was so high in 2011, this will be 2012 prices...

With full breeder rights, prices on males will be  $3,000USD;

I  will sell companion male puppies $2,200.00 with agreement to neuter after 14 months of age (don't do earlier for health reasons, more details will be given on purchase).

Females are priced higher because the demand seems to always be higher for them...Companion females are set at $2,500.00 USD,  There will be are Companion Males and Females born in May... Show/breed quality born in May 2012 too.

There are 5 females and 2 males in Jacob x Sarerii born on March 17 2012.  Related puppies to these born in May. 

Females with breeder rights will be set at $3,000.00USD on co-ownership with the promise of a quality puppy back (this makes owning a Adonai Breed/Show quality pup more affordable) Full breeding rights on Females at $5,000.00USD.   Again Companion Males are $2,200.00, Show/Breed Prospect Males are $3,000.00 clear papers..  Companion females are $2,500.00..

These puppies  come with a lifetime warranty against genetic fault that would cause a shortened lifespan, .... 

Meet Ziva born March 17th;  Hunani, her new owner  is Jane AngelHart of Virginia.

A big Thank you, Jane for purchasing this promising Red Klein Poodle female puppy!   Enjoy the pictures,  Hunani just 25 days old and first face clip, she was a sweet little dolly, no fussing, she calmly sat on my lap, perfectly still has the clippers went over her face... great poodle baby!



**HUNANI**  Loving Companion for Artist Jane Angelhart;  Thank you Jane for choosing ADONAI'S Poodles in Shades of Red !

Hunani at  4 1/2 weeks....sold

Very Nice Male Puppy, Sold to Ronnette of Toronto Canada handsome, calm, thick coat, very good with clipping, will probably mature to 20 inches. Green Collar.

Green collared male Mish Mish, SOLD he is Show/breed quality, very thick coat, loved being clipped and groomed .. with breeding rights he is $3,000.00   as a very Handsome Companion he is $2,200.00 USD.

Brilliant Red Girl, blue collar, sweet, sweet, good with clipping, calm puppy! Sold  Sedona Sucre   to Barbara in Arizona

The same little girl again.. her price is $2,500.00 USD as Companion, willing to co-own her to Show/breed home at 3,000.00 S0LD to Barbara  ARIZONA

SISU which means determined, courageous in Finnish...Pink Ribbon 

  SOLD TO  Ann Juresso for Agility Prospect in North Dakota... Thank You Ann for

selecting ADONAI Poodles in Shades of Red for your Canine Sports Prospect... keep those pictures coming of Sisu doing her courses.!!!

Pink Ribbon Girl  SISU

/White Ribbon  Joy,   registered name ADONAI HOLDING ONTO PROVIDENCE   ***JOY*** STAYING....

Joy Again....and she does retrieve... she is the lightest Shade o Red in her litter.

Cody picture to be posted  Sold to Daryn in North Dakota.. companion/breeding


Pictures of the May Puppies to be posted soon, all reds... girls and boys. Ready to leave end of July 2012.

Companion male pups priced at 2,200.00    female pups Companions 2,500.00   breeder/show rights 3,000.00 and up.. ask about this...

To RESERVE a 2012 puppy  contact now

Write Cathie at [email protected]   Please in your email give your phone number and best time to call, also your prior dog experience and what you wish to do with your little RedHead, to make it easier for me to know if I have a match... I will be only checking emails twice a week, so be patient if you do not hear back immediately... I have to drive out in order to get internet...  but be assured I will respond...  so again PLEASE PHONE NUMBER and Best Time to CALL you???... Also where you live is helpful as well, so I know the time difference.  THANKS



Abigail and Gaston's puppies at 7 months of age from  2011.

Video Clip of Billy, brother to the two female pups above at 5 months of age, film taken the first morning in his new home.

The new puppies' older brother Sparks that remains here with us for the future of Adonai Red Poodles.

Thanks for visiting....

 We are now using Transfer Factor Products;  You can find info by clicking on Cathie-4-Wellness       And the Super Nutrition from the Moringa Tree;   .. All are Beneficial for Man and Beast...    


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