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Also  Borzoi; Russian Wolfhounds, who have been successful Livestock Gaurds...


European pedigrees, Therapy and Service Dog Prospects


Beautiful Little Brandy, picture below, taken on Dec. 27, 2013 at 3 months of age.. a real sweetie, she was offered as Companion, because she has an unusual tail, it has a kink at the very end... making her look like she has a Show Dock... I do not dock the tail or remove the very important thumbs (dewclaws).... doing those Surgeries is against the Law in Europe...and I believe that it should be  the same here in North America... having the full tail gives better balance when jumping or moving quickly...and the dews are important for quick turns and giving full support to the joints and lower leg... removing can cause Carpal Arthritis later in life.  I have information on that at my More Link, at the Tips Page..

Brandy with me Cathie in January 2014 her face getting fuzzy since last picture... she is a Tazzar (Russian Import Moyen/Canich) daughter, born Sept, 23, 2013..

Brandy goes to Canada at 5 months of age...she was purchased at the beginning of Jan. and continued with me, until her new family were done their Holiday Travels... Brandy left a day or so before this note... below and these are some of the first pictures taken at her new home as Beloved Companion to Lynn and Dwight...

Lynn Daigneault

Mar 16

to me
Not even a whimper from her last night. She slept from 9 until 7:3o this morning. Promise to keep in touch. 


Lynn Daigneault

Mar 16

to me
She had a great day today. She now mainly sits on command and we are learning to know each other. She likes her food (which is holistic human grade) and wolfs it down. Her stools are normal so the food and her tummy are getting along. Her water is filtered.
Earlier today I sat down on the floor, she climbed on my lap and after a few minutes flipped over on her back for me to rub her belly. So she is very relaxed and since she is snoozing in this position below, while I move around the kitchen, this tells me she is not stressed. She already has a favourite toy....a lamb...and sleeps with it. hoping for another good night tonight.


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Lynn Daigneault

Mar 22

to me
Granddaughter Jessica and grandson Aidan with Brandy. See below Brandy is sleeping through the night  and doing her stuff outside. She walks so well beside me on the leash. And knows the command 'drop it'. Did you teach it to her? She loves being on laps!

Cathie Warren [email protected]

Mar 23

to Lynn
?Wonderful pictures.... yes she knows to drop it... she will just get better at understanding words has you work with her... Poodles do understand language at about a 2 to 3 year old human child...the more you talk to them the more they learn... this fact has been documented on the breed...

Have a great day..




Lynn Daigneault

Mar 26

to me
Well Brandy has now been with us for 12 days. What a lovely pup she is! You were right...very poodly and nicely calm. As I write I am in the living room and she is curled up at my feet chewing on an organic loofah toy. Her favourite.  She is totally trustworthy in the house under supervision. No accidents. Not since last Friday. And then that was my fault. She gets a good walk three times a day. She loves her food. And her training snacks are Little Stars organic sweet potato. Turns out she loves sweet potato snacks and chews. I have to dole those out carefully.  She sleeps outside our bedroom door in her crate from about 9:30 to 7 am. Most nights.
She is poodle quick at learning and does not jump on people anymore. She has really grown these past ten days!  She also loves getting brushed....thank you for that.  She gets brushed once a day for bonding time.
We love her!

Cathie Warren [email protected]

Mar 27

to Lynn
Thank You Lynn for that awesome update....  she is reflecting your careful training and LOVE well!!!

Love to you all



Lynn Daigneault

Apr 4 (12 days ago)

to me
She is in constant motion this sweetie. And so well behaved. Very mature at six months. She loves her organic loofah chew toys. Keeps her from chewing on carpets. She basically has the run of the house now when we are here. We see her potential as well. She is also very loveable and calm when not poodly crazy. And she is constantly wagging her tail!  Dwight and I agree...we have had four previous dogs but we think Brandy is going to be by far the best dog we have ever had.

Lynn Daigneault

12:37 PM (9 minutes ago)
to me
About Brandy's first Big Girl Haircut in Canada....May 16, 2014

BTW the groomer said to tell the breeder that Brandy's coat is one of the nicest thickest smoothest poodle coats she has groomed in a long time.

Cathie Warren [email protected]

1:11 PM (18 hours ago)
to Lynn
?wow very nice picture Lynn...tried to get it on the Website... fought with the stupid thing (website) for 30 minutes to load that awesome picture of you two... will try again later and will send you a link when I get it done...changed Page title....
Love it, Love it, Love this picture of yous!!!!


Broken O Ranch
**To provide for those who mourn in Zion; to give them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, festive oil instead of mourning, and splendid clothes instead of despair. And they will be called righteous trees, planted by the LORD to glorify Him. Isaiah 61:3***HCSB
 Cathie Warren <Odegaard>
185 Crossway Ave.

****If I raise my eyes to the hills, from where will my help come? My help comes from ADONAI, the maker of heaven and earth.*** *
*Tehillim (Psalms) 121:1,2 CJB*
** * *

My little giant Adonai Wolverine - Logan, at his very first show, 3 x best of breed, 3 CCF and he is now brasilian puppy Champion! Could not be more happy with him!! Thank you so much Adonai Red Poodles for this amazing boy!

Logan with Priscilla and doggy friends.... Logan is sired by Tazzar my Russian Moyen/Caniche import.

SISU  at full run, note her beautiful natural length of tail....not amputated!!!

Ann Jussero 
to me


Agility Prospect  Sisu sold to Ann of North Dakota   parents  Sarerii and Jacob born on March 17th


Just checking in, things are going well, Sisu is a real beauty, everyone who sees her ooohs & awwwws over her.  She is getting lighter and almost a milk chocolate with red tinge color, about 17" now.  I don't have any current pictures but will have some after the trial in Moose Jaw next month.  She was a demo pup at the Red Lodge seminar this month and may have some footage of that toy play demo.  She will take her Canine Good Citizen test in 2 weeks, I expect her to pass (I'm an evaluator but will have another one do it). 

My little reactive guy is doing very well with her, much better than I expected, but I still do constant supervision when together.   All 3 dogs went to a trial in Winnipeg, she and my rented competition mix spent the week in Red Lodge and next week all 3 got to Moose Jaw.  She is a keeper!!!

Hanna taller poodle, Britt and Sisu  RED ADONAI KLEIN FEMALE notice how lovely she carries her natural tail!  This breeder is very pleased with this RedHeaded girl!



Breeding Pair Exported to Canada

Juliet  (FireQueen x Jacob mostly Finnish line)  and Romeo ( Lovey (Finnish) x Gaston (German Import Klein)

Romeo and Juliet in new owner Cynthia's arms on arriving in Canada

Getting Kisses!!!

Cynthia with her promising Breeding Pair.

Copy of email sent by Cynthia

Paste in from Cynthia sent yesterday August 13th....


Hi Cathie,

We’ve finally arrived home safe and sound – what a long day!  The poodles were amazing travelers – not a peep from them.  When they arrived at the airport, their bedding was dry but boy did they both have to pee!  What great little dogs.  I am absolutely 100% smitten in love with them both!  What well-socialized, happy pups.  Thank you for doing such a great job with them!  Not to mention, drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!!!!   My daughter Stephanie’s first comment (who isn’t too fond of poodles) said how beautiful their faces were!  I agree.  They have lovely shaped heads and of course you groomed they so beautiful.

 When they were romping around the grass at the airport, my daughter said they were acting like they were dancing and we think we’ve changed their names to Tango and Salsitta (Salsa) for short.  He definitely loves to dance and she is a small but spicy red saucy girl!  I think these names suit them better than Romeo & Juliet.  I took pictures at the airport and will send these to you tomorrow.


Blssings & a huge thank-you!!!!!!!! 

I’m off to bed – exhausted - my pillow is calling me!

Cynthia......end of paste....

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
Oops. An error occurred.
Click here to try again.

CODY in North Dakota

CODY male puppy  sired by Jacob (Finnish Line)  dam by Sarerri (sired by german Klein import)  born on March 17th


CODY WHAT A BIG YAWN   during his Car Ride Training... I expose all pups to travel to prepare for their new lives!


CODY and his DARYN                            Cody was a College graduation present from Daryn's mother..



Hi Cathie!

Hope you are well! Attached are some recent pictures of Cody!

He's been doing so great here. Last weekend he met my 5 year old niece who simply adored him and he was so gentle with her. My mom looked after Cody on the 4th of July while I was away and she was just gushing about how well behaved and smart he is when I returned home.

So far he has had no accidents in either my house or my parents, he's been eating well, been well behaved for baths and haircuts and has been a darling to cuddle with in my bed a few times overnight.

He's a special guy! So glad you allowed me to welcome him into my life!

Take care,



SEDONNA SUCRE went out to Texas to help mend the heart of this older Brown Poodle who was morning the death of another poodle.  Barbara got a computer right away after the death of her beloved poodle and started looking for a Redheaded puppy to bring comfort to their hearts..with the help of her grown daughters..little Sedonna was on her way to Texas.


Dear Cathie,
  Happy 4th! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my precious beloved.  She makes my life so rich and wonderful for both me and my other Standard.  This is the first e-mail I have ever written and I took this picture with my cell phone so it isn't the best quality. I have one question; what did you use to style her little face? She had the most magnificent haircut. Every time I turn on the electric scissors, Sedona transforms into a wild stallion. What size blade do you recommend?I hope you have settled in your new place.Thank you again for the spectacular addition to my family.
                                                                        Much Love,
On my tips page you can find the type of clipper I use for puppy faces... a ARCO  MOSSER battery operated...


OLIVIA in Yakama Washington

Olivia is two year old female from Elias and FireQueen, I had kept Olivia to use in my breeding program, but when Becky contacted me stating that her elderly poodle had passed away and that she herself had been widowed twice.. I knew Olivia would be the match to help Becky's heart ache less...  Being a Widow myself, I know how hard it can be to put money together for something that you wish to have... I insisted that Becky just give me what she could afford right away without going into debt or having to borrow from friends, and drove to Spokane Washington to meet her...and I'll wait for the rest gladly with understanding for the rest of the funds...  Cathie       The picture is of Olivia at 12 months of age...she is from FireQueen and Elias.

Hi Cathie,

Are you doing okay?  Miss Olivia is awesome!  She is a real pro about getting in and out of
the car and is sitting up more, to enjoy the view.  That also means that she isn't crazy about
people being too near our car. I wonder how she handles it when I am not in it with her? This
past week, counting my dad, she has had two positive introductions to men.  One was a friend
that I have known for about 47 years.  He stopped by the neighbor's house one evening
while I was there. Perhaps the fact that I gave him a hug, made a difference. The other two
that she was unsure of were the neighbor's son, my age, and a younger male, the neighbor's
grandson.  I don't think she would have had a negative reaction, if they hadn't tried to pet her.
There were 11 great-grandchildren at the neighbor's house on Halloween, no barks or growls.
They were pretty busy with their treat bags, and essentially ignored her.  Olivia is still enjoying
being a lap  dog many evenings, while we watch TV in the recliner/rocker. She has gotten
in bed with me, one morning. I was sitting up, and she plopped down in my lap. Love that, too!
Waiting to hear from you about how much you want me to write for you. So far only one big
bark, with smaller ones attached, in the back yard. All I had to say was "ah ah ah", and she
she ran right back in the house. I don't think I will ever have to worry about the manager
of our park complaining.  She is such a good girl, and so sweet!
(((HUGS))),  Becky & Olivia

SCAMPI in New Jersey


SCAMPI     male puppy sired GASTON (german klein import)  x  LOVEY (sired by Finland import male)  one brother available and 3 sisters still in November, look much like him. Contact

Hi Cathie,
Thank you for all the tips. They are greatly appreciated!
Scampi is doing very well! He is a such a good boy! Very reserved, quiet... Only one accident inside the house so far (and it was really our fault - we didn't take him fast enough out when we came in).
Attache is the first picture we took when he arrived. I haven't had a chance to take any this weekend (I have a very painful sciatica which is stopping from doing things I wanted to do such as a good photo shoot).


3:13 PM (14 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Cathie,

Just a couple of pictures of Scampi! Not the best pictures ever but he is so cute no matter how horrible the photographer is...

He is doing very well. Still no accidents in the house. Has all his distemper vaccines so can walk outside now. Loves to walk with my son!

The vet said that he is so mellow for a puppy! Said he could possibly material for a therapy dog. He just looks at you with so much love and depth! Needless to say he is loved!!!

He is very good with the word "sit" now. Still jumps a bit on me and mouths me when I get him out of his crate but it is getting a little bit better. He knows the word "no" too!

Such a good boy!!

LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX in Washington


MAX in the Snow Jan 2012

MAX is great uncle to the new Tazzar x Abigail pups on the Puppies Available Page.. Max was born in Alberta Canada when my Kennel name was Dayspring... Kay Acres was looking for an Agility Prospect in the same golden red color as her Irish Terrier Bridee.. Max color has faded with age, but nothing as slowed him in his gaining new Titles, thanks to Kay's drive to accomplish this with her Canine Companion Max...Thank You Kay and Max for all your hard work, you have done this Breeder of Poodles in Shades of Red.... Proud!!!  Max is 22 inches tall, his little nephew and neices will be closer to 20 inches, ideal for speedy contenders in Canine Sports!!!  The Lord Willing of course and with the dedications of their new owners....

Kay Acres
10:29 PM (13 hours ago)
November 19, 20012
to me

We are good. How are you? Your pups sound really good. I'll check out your website. Max is great and enjoying life. He may even earn a MACH title if I keep running him. He loves to run (particularly at the park) and his agility speed is increasing as I improve.
I'm driving to Spokane to take lessons from Barb Davis and that has been a huge help.




Awards and Points

Dayspring Live Life To The Max RE MX MXJ - PR10748601

Agility - Awards Processed Through 24-OCT-2012

Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Different Judges 3

Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Different Judges 3

Number Qualifying Scores 2
Number Different Judges 2

Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Different Judges 3

Number Qualifying Scores 4
Number Different Judges 4

Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Different Judges 3

Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Different Judges 3

Number Qualifying Scores 20
Number Different Judges 16

Number Qualifying Scores 20
Number Different Judges 0

Number Qualifying Scores 21
Number Different Judges 13

Number Qualifying Scores 21
Number Different Judges 0

Number Double Q's 12
Number Points 298

Rally - Awards Processed Through 17-OCT-2012

Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3

Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3

Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3

Lil HARLEY in Kansas

Harley is a medium red female Klein pudel from Gaston (german klein import) and Closer (german klein sired by Gismo and Finnish/USA red), the grandmother on the mother's side is the very dark red Ashira...  Harley was the smallest female in the litter, my guess is that she will mature to around 18 inches at the shoulder. 

Tina's first email to me after Harley's arrival in Kansas via DELTA airline.

Harley in Tina's arms.

From: "tina
[email protected]
Mon, Oct 1, 2012 02:10:18 GMT+00:00

Hi Cathie
Well we finally made the trip home and Harley did great she was ready to eat when we got here. We have decided she likes men better she wants to follow my husband around but is very shy torge me but we are working on it she slept in my arms all the way. We stopped at my dads and socialized already she would go to the other side of the yard and lay down and look at us but she did go up to my dad and liked his hand so that is why I said its a man thing LOL!!!! she is readu to go to sleep I will get better pictures tomorrow so far I AM VERY PLEASED AND SHE IS PRETTY QUIET ALTHOUGH YOU CAN TELL SHE MISSES HOME AND IS STILL WINING ONCE AWHILE but it will be OK!

Thanks so much you are special with your dogs I can tell.


My comment: I was perplexed about Harley being drawn to men...since Mike has been away in another State for work...then I remembered that my elderly neighbor Cal, cared for my dogs at the end of August so I could attend my mother's 80th birthday party and family reunion in Canada, I was away for part of a week...<grin>, I guess Cal must have made quite the impression upon Harley and the other pups while I was away!!!   Thanks Cal!!!  So Blessed to have you and Gerry for neighbors!!!


Oct 14
to me

Thanks we think alot of you to, I thought I would add my weekend. We had my grandson this weekend and I do believe Harley got a little jealous she loved him and he got lots of kisses from her and us LOL! But now she is being pouty towards me she hides down the hall or back bedroom so today is her day we are going walking and to the sonic hopefully she learns to share and loves me again LOL! She is defiantly what you said hopefully a little attention and hugs will fix this.

Thank you for being a friend

Tina ,Michael and Harley

Oct 14
to me
Hi Cathie,
I am writing to let you we have had Harley two weeks now and she is a beautiful dog so calm and not one accident in the house. The dog food is great and the dogs love it so I am not at all disappointed in it thanks for recommend ing it and the healthest ingredients Ive ever seen LOL! We still have some work to do she still is a little cautious but not mean just kind of skiddish it has to be on her terms. But when you sit down she is right there beside you and her profile is in every which way is beautiful.

Thank so much for letting us be apart of your poodle family keep in touch ok!!!!

Tina Stegman and Harley      Note:  Tina had ordered some Life Abundance Kibble to arrive prior to Harley's arrival.
Oct 16
to me

Hi Cathie
I wanted you to know that I recieved your package today and wow!!!! Very nice I will try it all .......... Harley is already wining for her treat that you sent she remembers and is still doing great potting outdoors. We went walking Sunday and she did great people did stop to see her a little shy but she came around and let them pet her. Then Monday I took the day off for my appointments as well as hers she went to the vet they were impressed my vet called her a strawberry roan very pretty they said right knee you could move a little but did not pop out and he said that was good.......did want to tell you she very well manured in the vehicle you wouldnt of even known she was back there we were in town from 8:00 till 4:00 LOTS OF WATER BREAKS AND FOOD IF SHE WANTED!
Needs lots more socializing was scared of the train and very cautious of other dogs wanted to go hide but we were leashed but once she realized they couldnt go anywhere she would turn and stalk them anyway just needs more noises. But today she got cartoon day while I was at work LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im not disappointed at all,
and the package was wonderful i need to order flea repellent other than that thank you so much and bless you I think you are a wonderful person and hope to meet you someday!!!!! As you say <grin> and may the angels watch over you and your family.

Tina Stegman
Note:   I give to most of my Puppy buyers, if they wish to use Life Abundance Products, a Gift package of Healthy Start  idems from my company,  it contains  Shampoo, Ear Care Lotion, Skin Spray for grooming and conditioning, Treats, Chews, Kibble, Can Food, Vitamins... all high quality idems for your puppy


Nov 10 (9 days ago)
to me
HI Cathie,
You will probably get tired of my emails but this girl is the sweetest . We went to the vet today to get 2nd set of shots she now weighs 11lbs 4 oz I think she is doing great her favorite trick is to set and hand you her paw it is adorable...... little Harley has turned into my shadow i cant leave the room with out her or she starts whining. The vet just loved her she got big hugs from him today, he did say that he thinks she is going to get bigger than 20 lbs, but you know that is ok because she is so sweet and special and has never showed me any aggressive signs at all....... always wanting to please and keeping me warm is a big plus LOL! Till next time Happy Holidays to all of you!


Oct 16
to me
Sorry I know your busy but I thought u might be want to see her beautiful color.  .......
*** Note from Cathie...I am never too busy to recieve with joy pictures and updates of ADONAI or Dayspring Pups... please remember when senging pictures to resize them to 60k to 80 for posting to the website, I use to be able to resize with my old computer that crashed... so please Folks keep your stories and pics coming...***

to me
Her first cut went pretty good did not want to stand but other than that she did great!



Harley just got groomed and is almost 4 months wanted to share how beautiful she is.  She is 15 weeks old in this...



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The below links are to my hosted sites where I do sell products, that I use for myself, for my husband and for my many Critters...all have 100% money back guarantee, please take the time to further educate yourself. I am also looking for folks who would like to help others and in the process have their products paid for..

Broken O Ranch
**To provide for those who mourn in Zion; to give them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, festive oil instead of mourning, and splendid clothes instead of despair. And they will be called righteous trees, planted by the LORD to glorify Him. Isaiah 61:3***HCSB
 Cathie Warren <Odegaard>
185 Crossway Ave.

****If I raise my eyes to the hills, from where will my help come? My help comes from ADONAI, the maker of heaven and earth.*** *
Tehillim (Psalms) 121:1,2 CJB** * *

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