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Beautiful Klein/Moyen Miniatures & Smaller Standard Poodles..


Also  Borzoi; Russian Wolfhounds, who have been successful Livestock Gaurds...


European pedigrees, Therapy and Service Dog Prospects


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Welcome to ADONAI'S

 RARE, RARE **RED** POODLES IN THE SMALLER MIDSIZE; Which is presently, MUCH SOUGHT AFTER.... TOP GENETICS!!!! Moyen/Caniche/Kleins of European Pedigrees and Smaller Finnish bred, Standards in the Shades of Red..2017 new Black and Tan, Phantom, and Sables will be available..  Service, Alert Dogs; Therapy, Search and Rescue, Agility, Canine Sports, Healthy Loving Companions! 

Find our Face Book page ADONAI RARE POODLES breeder Cathie Warren

If you are looking for a Breeding Male that will sire smaller Standards or Larger Miniatures, write asking how to send Deposit in order to be on Waiting List for Puppies   Spring/Summer 2016

....Email  to reserve ...   [email protected]   Please give your name where you live, your prior dog experience, what you wish to do with your poodles so I will know if I have a match for you...Also your phone number and best time to call...

I require a $500.00 deposit to go on the Waiting List...Pick of Puppy will go by order of your Deposit...*** I want real commitment***...  Please do not write to me, until you have your Family/Spouse/Partner in agreement on Purchasing a Top "Quality" RARE Poodle from Adonai, your time and mine is wasted if you are not yet Ready to Send a Deposit...  I will give time to those who are Ready...answer questions, send pictures...etc..    Your Deposit continues to Roll over until a Matching Puppy to Your Wishes is born...   If some Crisis should arise in your life and you need to wait before proceeding to bring the Puppy into your life that is Okay... your Deposit is still good..... But if you decide after sending me a Deposit that you made a mistake, OR  you have found another breeder who you decide their pups are more worthy...  I do not refund monies... your Deposit will be considered a Donation towards my Service Pups that I place with a needy family or individual who do not have the funds to purchase a Service Dog....but who's life will be greatly Blessed by having an Adonai Service Pup **donated** to them...
To Recap.... only contact me when you are Ready to send a Deposit...your deposit will remain with me until a Matching Poodle Pup comes forward... NO REFUNDS...

In that pic below, with the pansies... Mike is holding Halle as a wee baby, Halle went darker red; see her picture below on the couch.. Sparks is held on the right, we have retained him for the Future of ADONAI poodles.

Our first Kleinpudel / Moyen, Caniche; (that are known as larger Miniatures or smaller Standard Poodle) puppies were born on June 25th 2011 and second litter on July 18th all grew up to be awesome Mid-size Poodles! The new puppy page is up, just click on the link titled  Poodle Puppies Available above showing pics of Gaston x Abigail litter and  Gaston x Sarerii litter.  The sire of these litters is our German import GASTON TRAUDELS SONNENSCHEIN.  These puppies are descended from the awesome Kleinpudel  UNIKAT VORTON MADARI ROYAL SAND, who is shown below with his name on the picture.  Unikat is Gaston's father so grandsire to my foundation Klein line.... Unikat is 17 inches tall. New red Klein Pudel litters planned for Summer 2016 to be sired by Russian or French Import who's dam and full sister are World Champions...  RESERVE Now!!!

  Russian Moyen/Klein sired puppies for end of July 16 2016.. related breeding that  produced this stunning male Logan who was exported to Brazil in December 2013. Logan at just 8 months of age ..... his new Mistress Priscilla wrote **

My little giant Adonai Wolverine - Logan, at his very first show, 3 x best of breed, 3 CCF and he is now brasilian puppy Champion! Could not be more happy with him!! Thank you so much Adonai Red Poodles for this amazing boy!**

Logan at 8 months of age

***LOGAN***  with his mistress Priscilla and their doggy Friends, picture sent from BRAZIL

If you would like to reserve a puppy like Logan... please write asking how to send a deposit of 500.00 to be placed on the Reservation List...

There are two German pedigreed; male puppies born Jan 2014, breed and show homes only!!! Both males with AKC breeding rights are priced at $3,000.00USD SOLD

The tallest boy is in first two pictures,he is pick puppy no white hairs.. will be much like the Show Males Aslan and Ruslan shown below... Sired by our Sparks ....available still on April 2 2014... SOLD   [email protected]

Second Male more square 10wks very nice type Moyen very curly coat, few white hairs on chest  will be between 18 to 20 inches tall.. SOLD

I WILL REPEAT THIS BREEDING FOR SUMMER 2014    between Sparks and Closer.... go on Waiting List.

  Pups WERE sired by my Darkest Burgundy Red Smaller Standard Male Gideon,  21 inches tall,  40 lbs.

Gideon  **ADONAI HOLD HIGH D TORCH** ask to go on waiting list for puppy from Gideon's daughter Twinkle fall 2016.... 

  ...  these litters  2016... puppies will be smaller standards 18 to 21 inches tall, considering Deposits from  BREEDING or WORKING HOMES ONLY (Service Dog backgrounds on both sides of these litters' pedigrees)...will allow one or two to Companion..

Hey are you looking for a RED DOODLE???  Why settle for a designer dog that will still  probably shed?  When you can have a Pure Blooded Red Poodle that if you let the hair be clipped into the look of a Doodle; or even better give them the cute Little Teddy Bear look while they are puppies... my poodles have natural  tails,(not amputated)  so if you leave the hair on their faces they will look like a Loveable Doodle or Teddy; but without the hair shed...picture below is one of our Donation Service pups in the Teddy look...

Another little red sweetie that left us to be a Therapy Pooch; Lil Willow with her new owners Connie and Dale...



Beautiful Red Klein Male in Germany, he is the sire to the two males I imported from Germany...


Believe it or not...the puppy on the left is the  lightest colored  puppy with the flowers. She got darker with age, her sister Annie was visiting in this picture. The current November 2013 Therapy and Service litter share the same father, Gaston (German import Klein).  They are 7 months old in this picture. Both of these girls are in new homes...SOLD so are all of the 2013 pups placed... there is one red male puppy sired by Russian import, he is breed quality...will be around 18 inches tall when grown...Monty is for sale to approved Breeder home..

Billy who left us at 5 months of age to his new family in New Jersey, this is a video of his  first morning there. Billy is the darker color pup on the right with the flowers, so he is a Gaston son too.  Click on the Video to see Billy.

We are located at  Libby Montana, where we own the Ultra Classic Car Wash and Laundromat.. having this business gives the puppies the opportunity to be socialized as they  travel to work with me...and visit folks at the Local Shopko Store...

 Here in the USA with many other kennels going by the same title of Dayspring, my kennel name was changed to

 ** ADONAI**

....Dayspring Poodles in Canada Started out with other colors of Standard Poodles in 1991. We showed successfully to their Canadian Conformation titles Black and then Silvers. During those years we donated Poodle Pups to DogGuides in Ontario.... Below is two of the last at Graduation...

 I now only breed Poodles in  the many shades that Red can be in.....and view my new imports from France 2015 and Black and Tans (Phantoms) from Moscow 2016.. 

You are probably here to view some beautiful Red Poodles... so be sure to click on that link above. Where you will find pictures of some of the reds and golden reds that were born while in Canada. AKC papers will be issued for all the  breed/show **ADONAI** Dogs,  Thankfully the quality of our litters is so high and sought after, that it is now rare to have a companion pup to sell....   And from time to time I still do export to European Show Homes.  Congratulations to Aslan who has won two Best Puppy in Show in Europe at just 7 months of age...and his full brother Ruslan who has also gain Championships before a year of age...


The two Export Brothers to Europe, now a year later Champions in more than one Country... I am very proud of their owners' efforts!!!!

Find and Like Us at Face Book  ADONAI RARE POODLES

Breeder Cathie Warren,

185 Crossway Avenue, Montana,



[email protected]

*** I assure you: Anyone who hears My WORD and believes Him who sent ME has Eternal Life and will not come under judgment but has passed from death to LIFE. John 5:24*** HCSB

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Favorite Pictures of the First Red Girls

The very  first litter; in 2006 only two Red Sisters survived.  Bella went to a show home in South Korea; Cinnamon to California


***Honestly I was only yawning....sis....***3wks. old, 

Broken O Ranch
**To provide for those who mourn in Zion; to give them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, festive oil instead of mourning, and splendid clothes instead of despair. And they will be called righteous trees, planted by the LORD to glorify Him. Isaiah 61:3***HCSB
 Cathie Warren <Odegaard>
185 Crossway Ave.

****If I raise my eyes to the hills, from where will my help come? My help comes from ADONAI, the maker of heaven and earth.*** *
*Tehillim (Psalms) 121:1,2 CJB*
** * *

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Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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~~**Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.**~~

                 ~~** Praise the Lord**~~


Dover, Massachusetts$179,0922,265
1Woodside, California$120,3361,949
2Rancho Santa Fe, California$113,1321,204
3Bloomfield Hills, Michigan$104,9201,570
4Belle Meade, Tennessee$104,9081,067
5Indian River Shores, Florida$102,5111,854
6Cherry Hills Village, Colorado$99,9961,980
7Portola Valley, California$99,6211,700
8Newport Coast, California$98,7701,001
9Hillsborough, California$98,6433,689
10Weston, Massachusetts$97,822[2]3,718
10Piney Point Village, Texas$97,2471,225
11Highland Park, Texas$97,0083,585
12The Village of Indian Hill, Ohio$96,8722,066
13Mission Hills, Kansas$95,4051,284
14Los Altos Hills, California$92,8402,740
15Gladwyne, Pennsylvania$90,9401,476
16South Beach, Florida$90,9381,610
17Armonk, New York$89,9071,172
18Scarsdale, New York$89,9072,413
19Ladue, Missouri$89,6233,414
20Bronxville, New York$89,4832,312
21Pelican Bay, Florida$89,0633,005
22Hunters Creek Village, Texas$88,8211,471
23Glencoe, Illinois$88,0593,072
24Muttontown, New York$88,0201,022
25Bunker Hill Village, Texas$86,4341,226
26Tiburon, California$85,9663,712
27Saddle River, New Jersey$85,9341,118
28Winnetka, Illinois$84,1344,162
29Greenville, Delaware$83,2231,190
30New Canaan, Connecticut$100,8247,010
31Medina, Washington$81,7421,111
32Paradise Valley, Arizona$81,2905,034
33North Barrington, Illinois$81,2431,003
34Sausalito, California$81,0404,254
35Longboat Key, Florida$80,9634,280
36Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania$80,6101,875
38Genesee, Colorado$79,1801,511
39Clyde Hill, Washington$78,2521,054
40Great Falls, Virginia$78,1492,785
41Chappaqua, New York$77,8353,118
42Darien, Connecticut$77,5196,698
43Travilah, Maryland$77,1292,366
44Lake Forest, Illinois$77,0926,687
45Alpine, New Jersey$76,9951,204
46Millburn, New Jersey$76,7967,015
47Lloyd Harbor, New York$76,6961,147
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49Monte Sereno, California$76,5771,211
50Rye (city), New York$76,5665,377
51Indian Wells, California$76,1871,982
52South Barrington, Illinois$76,0781,147
53Carlisle, Massachusetts$75,5531,618
54Pound Ridge, New York$74,9141,699
55Weston, Connecticut$92,7353,379
56Greenwich, Connecticut$92,75923,076
57Malibu, California$74,3365,137
58New Castle, New York$73,8885,732
59Rumson, New Jersey$73,6922,452
60Larchmont, New York$73,6752,418
61Westport, Connecticut$90,7929,573
62Nichols Hills, Oklahoma$73,6611,729
63Barrington Hills, Illinois$73,6291,381
64Inverness, Illinois$73,2712,312
65Harding Township, New Jersey$72,6891,180
66North Oaks, Minnesota$72,6861,300
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68Kings Point, New York$71,8671,401
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Dover, Massachusetts, West University Place, Texas,

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